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Transform Your Marketing In 2 Hours: Harness The Power Of 2,000+ AI Marketing Experts. Introducing 2 Hour Marketer: The AI Prompt Library That Thinks Like An Expert

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Imagine achieving more in 120 minutes than most marketers accomplish in a full day. Welcome to The 2 Hour Marketer – where we're redefining marketing efficiency and helping you take back control of your time.

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Embracing AI as a solopreneur isn't just about tech—it's about crafting your ideal life.

We're not chasing endless growth or maxing out profits. Instead, we're asking:

"How can AI and smart marketing help me build a business that fits my life?"

It's not about becoming the next tech mogul.

It's about finding your sweet spot where work fuels your passions, not drains them.

With AI, you can keep things lean and mean.

One person, a laptop, and the right AI tools can rival entire marketing departments.

Sure, you might bring in some freelance help now and then. But at its core, your AI-powered business is your vision, your rules.

The end game?


Use AI to build a business that gives you the freedom to say "hell yes" to what lights you up, and "no thanks" to everything else.

That's the real power of AI for solopreneurs—it's not just about working smarter, it's about living better.

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The Growth Files

Inside the mind of an AI-powered marketer: Tactics, tools, and a dash of inspiration

The AI Prompting Technique that helped increase client's audience engagement by 58%

Discover how Praxis Prompting can revolutionise your AI content creation. Learn 5 expert steps to craft powerful prompts that boost productivity, outpace competitors, and scale your business. Perfect for busy entrepreneurs looking to harness AI's full potential.
Steven Wade
July 18, 2024
29 Min Read

Unleashing the Power of AI Personas: The Ethan Emporium Revolution

Discover how AI can revolutionise your solo content marketing strategy. Learn to leverage AI tools for idea generation, optimisation, and monetisation, freeing you to focus on creativity and growth. Unleash your content superpowers today!
Steven Wade
July 12, 2024
36 Min Read

How AI-Powered Marketing Helped Me Boost Course Sign-Ups by 200%: A Step-by-Step Case Study

Discover how I leveraged advanced AI marketing techniques like persona targeting, customer journey mapping, and automated content creation to skyrocket online course sign-ups by 200% for an education client. In this comprehensive case study, I'll walk you through the exact strategies and tools you can use to unlock the power of AI and achieve mind-blowing growth for your own online course business, no matter your current tech skills or experience level.
Steven Wade
April 1, 2024
26 Min Read

A Day in the Life of an AI-Powered Google Ads Pro: How I 5X'd My Finance Client's ROI with AI SOPs

Discover the game-changing power of AI-powered Google Ads optimization in this step-by-step guide. Learn how to leverage advanced machine learning, fine-tuned models, and rich persona prompting to create hyper-effective campaigns that leave your competition in the dust.
Steven Wade
April 1, 2024
39 Min Read

Activate Your Curiosity

Marketing Intelligence Amplified

Unlock the Secret Weapon of AI Marketing Full Detailed Personas

Unlock the power of AI marketing with full detailed personas. Learn how to create rich AI characters, provide context, and iterate for outstanding results. Boost engagement and conversions now!
Steven Wade
July 8, 2024
29 Minute Read

AI Is Your Sidekick, Not Your Saviour: Unlock Real Creativity

Discover the transformative power of AI-driven content creation and unleash your unique voice with this strategic, step-by-step system for crafting irresistible, high-impact content that will leave your competition in the dust.
Steven Wade
April 1, 2024
38 Min Read

The AI-Powered Shortcut to Writing Mastery (No Inborn Talent Required)

Discover how AI-powered tools can revolutionise your writing process, helping you capture ideas effortlessly, reverse-engineer successful articles, and overcome blank-page overwhelm, all while enhancing your unique voice and creativity.
Steven Wade
March 1, 2024
34 Mins Read
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Just a human obsessed with AI & Marketing.

Hey, I'm Steven

I’m an enhanced digital strategist for 7-8 figure businesses.

I'm the guy they turn to when they want to revolutionise their marketing game with the power of AI. No more guesswork, no more spray-and-pray tactics. I help entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders harness the full potential of AI-enhanced marketing to skyrocket their growth, engagement, and conversions while keeping things authentic and customer-centric.

With my expert guidance, you'll learn how to leverage AI tools and strategies to supercharge your content creation, optimise your ad targeting, personalise your customer journeys, and automate your campaigns for maximum impact. As a seasoned marketer with over $17 million in campaign budget experience and a deep passion for AI innovation, I've developed cutting-edge systems and frameworks that I'm excited to share with you.

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